The Loyalty People

What Components Are a Part of the Program?

Menu of Program Components

  1. Verifone Omni VX570,3730,3740, or 3750 Terminal
  2. Magnetic stripe, 30 mil plastic cards, 1 to 4/1 color(s)
  3. Point of Sale (see compatible systems list below) and printed material
  4. Database design and management
  5. Installation
  6. Customer Service
    1. Toll-free access
    2. Internet-Driven
  7. Management Reports (see Report Menu below)
    1. Provided weekly or monthly in hard copy, or
    2. Direct access to your online database to create your reports as needed
  8. We will work with you to develop Quarterly marketing plans

POS Integration

Below is a list of point of sale systems that we work with:

  • Gilbarco
  • Verifone
  • Radiant
  • Comdata
  • Fiscal
  • Micros

Report Menu

Below is a list of just a few of the types of reports that you will be able to obtain concerning your Points to Partners accounts:

  • Detail/Summary of Issued Points Transactions
  • Top Cardholders Report
  • Inactive Members Report
  • Prize Messages Issued
  • Detail/Summary Redemption Report
  • Registered Cardholders
  • Club/Charity Report
  • Cardholders Summary Report