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As everything else is shutting down, drivers are still on the road, working hard and making sure we all have the things we need to get through this. Below are their stories. Add yours to receive 250 points on your card.

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I haven't been home since February. The mother of my 2 young children called me up saying that our children were driving her nuts. So in early March I asked her to go ahead and meet me. She drove the 4 hours to where I was at and left our son with me. Life hasn't been very easy with a 5 year old child on the truck. He and I have seen mass amounts of denials from getting something to eat or even use a restroom. Unfortunately I've had to teach my son some habits he didn't need to learn. As in how to repurpose a empty water bottle or how to fit a plastic grocery bag over my trash bucket. It's a daily struggle to balance his school work and my work schedule. I have been pulling almost 4,000 miles a week at the same time. My Fiancee and I also were kicked out of our house due to the home owner wanting to sell the house and we had to be out by April 1st. I had to get a storage locker online for her and hire some people to help her pack and move everything in a very short notice. So now I'm paying $400.00 a week for a motel room so her and our daughter have a place to stay until we find a new place to move into. My employer is pushing all his drivers to keep moving also. Very little sleep comes my way. I want things back to normal. I'm tired of feeling like I'm back in South Korea seeing all these stupid face masks that don't do anything at all to "protect" people from this Super sized Flu.

Springfield, MO

I have been at home for 2 months since crude started dropping. Rates have been so low that I just decided to stay home. Finally got something worth my while on heavy haul. Whoever needs to see this, stop hauling those $1.20 loads!!!

College Station, TX

I am an OTR driver been driving for a little short of 15 years. The pandemic we are facing at this present time is like nothing I had ever experienced. It has for sure brought out the good, the bad and the ugly in people. It has been very difficult to find our personal supplies as drivers it gets harder each day. We thank you guys for staying open and allowing us to continue to do our job. Your well lite and spacious parking areas as well as your clean facilities are always something that keeps me coming back!!! Especially during these dark days we have faced when basic necessities like toiletries, cleaning suppies and food are had to come by BUT I came across the good in people at your CEFCO location in Tyler, TX. Something I didn't expect to see much less receive!!! I was approached by a gentleman and 2 women who offered free meals to any and all trucker drivers stopping by this location. It was the nicest and most thoughtful gesture after a hard long day of working. Best homemade bbq brisket sandwich, greenbeans, mashed potatoes and slice of dessert. The heartfelt gesture was enough to keep me going... Sometimes all we need is a little push! Rolando ALTON, TX

Alton, TX

Ive been Driving a Truck for 15 years now and have been stopping at P2P location in Franklin, KY for years now. And during the covid-19 pandemic it is by far been the best place through it all - still nice and clean compared to other places. covid-19 has been a big shock. traffic between trucks and cars have been here and there on certain days, mills have shut down and slowed to just a few days a week. i haul steel on a daily basis. i have slowed down but am still able to run some and make a little money to stay a float. alot of truck stops and restaraunts have closed. many ordinary supplies in stores have become hard to find and hoarded by the public. truckers are unable to find these and protect there selves as well. but the over all continueing experience America has shown its ignorance and as a single hard working father i still can not give you a full opinion because i dont have one i just hope and pray i survive this crisis.

Eminence, KY

My love of trucking keeps me going daily ,, The sad part is no one hardly ever uses a CB anymore I miss that more than anything while Driving .. The conversations you could have or just listen to while on the road were amazing and always enjoyable .. New Drivers don’t have any idea how good trucking was at one time ..

Byram, MS

I haul ingredients for dog food we're as busy as ever but if keep shutting packing plants we will have to shut down

Como, TX


Bracey, VA

I’ve seen prices go up in some truck stops, and like Love’s they’ve taken tha single use hand sanitizer machines out of their stores, but have lil tiny bottles for 5.00 on sale. A lot of trucking companies have yards full of trucks and trailers with no loads to haul. My work has greatly slowed down, but thank GOD tha company I’m leased to has not shut down completely. These are very trying times, but tha LORD says to be thankful in all things. He WILL provide for his own. So stay safe and keep praying, Alwaze remember, GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL.

Jefferson, TX

I have found out that it's a lot easier to get around, but there's a lot less is places to eat at. People are constantly asking what I have on my trailer.  The freight rates has really dropped. Right now I am running less miles than I was before. I just hope it gets better before it gets worse.

Edmonton, KY