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How the Card-Driven
Electronic Program Works
Cashier gives every customer a card.
  • Customers can enroll his or her card at their convenience by completing the enrollment form and leaving it at the store, faxing it to customer service, completing an enrollment form online or by calling our toll-free customer service number.
  • Purchases are tracked from the first card swipe.
Cashiers ask for card every time a customer makes a purchase.
  • A receipt is issued with every transaction.
  • This is a powerful communications vehicle, every customer reads their point balance and your message.
Customers earn points for dollars spent. Points may be redeemed for specially-priced merchandise or spent just like money in the store.
  • Customers can't redeem unless they have enrolled their card. This is for security purposes and to make sure the customer has an incentive to provide their information for marketing your program to them.
Reports based on shopping are available weekly or monthly (in hard copy), or 24 hours, 7 days a week through Internet access at a password-protected portal. Some of the reports available are:
  • Transaction Report
    • Review all transactions during user-defined date range, by date or card number.
  • Redemption Report
    • Review redemption by user-defined date range, by date or card number.
  • Top Customers
    • Review top customers by user-defined date range.
  • Inactive or Lost Customers
    • Review inactive or lost customers by user-defined date range.
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